Polished Diamond Pricing Tool

The Mercury Polished Pricing System produces wholesale market prices for individual polished diamonds at any point in time.

The Mercury Polished Pricing system:

Polished Diamond Pricing



  • provides an instant wholesale market price for any diamond of any size, including as large as 30 carats and up, using proprietary software that retrieves information found on a diamond certificate.



The system takes the meticulous approach of an expert diamond valuator to deal with more than 18,000 individual diamond price points but without abandoning the subtleties of the stone-by-stone process.


This system is a radical innovation in the diamond industry:

  • It improves the ability of buyers and sellers to price diamonds without these being seen in person.


  •  It can be used to support new developments, such as diamond spot markets and the purchase of diamonds as a means of wealth preservation.
Polished Diamond Pricing

“The Mercury Polished Pricing System utilizes a broad range of suitable sources as inputs, and its rules and assumptions are logical and applied consistently.” 

Big four accounting firm as part of validating the Mercury Rough and Polished Systems, which are ‎currently pending a US Patent




  • There are 3 pivotal factors that ensure the Mercury polished diamond pricing system operates with precision.


The polished diamond pricing system has been validated by a Big Four accounting firm and is in the process of obtaining a patent in the United States.