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Ehud Arye Laniado

Ehud Arye Laniado


Ehud Arye Laniado was a global diamond industry expert. In his early 20s in Africa, and later in Belgium, he honed his expertise in forecasting the value of polished diamonds by examining rough diamonds by hand. Four decades later, he was the chairman of international diamond businesses spanning mining, exploration, valuation, trading, manufacturing, retail, and consultancy services. Mr Laniado mastered both the miniscule details of pricing individual rough diamonds and the entire structure of the diamond industry. His global operations were at the forefront of the industry, recognized in diamond capitals from Mumbai to Tel Aviv and Hong Kong to New York.

Over a period of 40 years, Mr Laniado meticulously documented and analyzed his findings on the prices of rough and polished diamonds. His expertise in accurately predicting the likely polished value of a rough stone – one of the most demanding and complex skills in the diamond industry – became increasingly sought-after and laid the foundation for greater pricing transparency for buyers and sellers.

Driven by his vision for transparency, passion for innovation and view of the changing needs of the diamond industry, Mr Laniado established Mercury Diamond, a diamond pricing consultancy which currently provides its services to a closed selection of clients. Mr Laniado utilized decades’ worth of knowledge and data to create two proprietary computerized diamond pricing systems used by Mercury Diamond to comprehensively classify and price rough and polished diamonds.

Ehud Laniado passed away on March 2, 2019.

For more information about Ehud Arye Laniado, please visit Mr. Laniado's website www.ehudlaniado.com

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