Value of Diamonds - Vision


Mercury Diamond believes the value of diamonds can be made clearer.


In view of the insufficient information readily available on diamonds today, Mercury’s ambition is to give buyers and sellers better access to accurate and up to date diamond prices through Mercury Crystal Clear™, an innovative system it developed to value polished and rough diamonds.


Most end users know about the key characteristics of a polished diamond, known as the 4C’s . However they are less aware of diamond irregularities, which also determine a stone’s price alongside the 4C’s. Irregularities such as fluorescence and imperfections can cause diamonds graded identically according to the 4C’s to be offered at very different prices.


Mercury Crystal Clear™ takes all factors affecting diamond prices into account in a systematic and data-driven way. It includes a series of tools, such as a proprietary table with discounts and premiums for each diamond irregularity, to give diamond consumers access to the most accurate prices available.


As well as helping buyers and sellers make more informed decisions, Mercury seeks to reinforce the rational motivation behind buying a polished diamond and thereby to transform the perception of a diamond as an “expense” into an item that carries a promising resale value and that can be considered for wealth preservation. 


In terms of rough diamond prices, Mercury starts from the belief that they are ultimately driven by what the end consumer is willing to pay for their polished output at any purchase point.

Mercury Diamond system pricing
Mercury Diamond vision


Mercury Crystal Clear™ therefore uses prices of polished diamonds in a process of reverse engineering to determine the price of rough diamonds. The baseline prices it derives from this process enables, for example, manufacturers to make considered decisions on whether to buy a specific assortment or invest in the whole run-of-mine range and the right time to do it.


Our system distinguishes between these baseline rough prices and fluctuations, which are driven by dynamics in the rough market, including strong market sentiments, in order to help manufacturers manage risk more accurately.


End users, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, rough traders and producers can all benefit from Mercury Crystal Clear™. It provides buyers and sellers across the industry pipeline and from outside the diamond sector with a powerful analytical and decision-making tool.