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What We Do

Mercury Diamond is a rough and polished diamond pricing consultancy. Our aim is to provide diamond pricing services in the most accurate and transparent way.

We assist our selected clients to determine the fair value of diamonds by equipping them with all the information they need to stay ahead of the game.


Our approach to diamond pricing is systematic and objective – rooted in Mercury Crystal Clear™, the state-of-the-art pricing system for both rough and polished diamonds. Mercury Diamond’s founder, Ehud Arye Laniado, developed this system by combining his personal vision with decades of expertise.

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Mercury Crystal Clear‎

Mercury Crystal Clear™, comprised of the Mercury Polished Pricing System and Mercury Rough Pricing System, provides prices for rough and polished diamonds at any point in time. It is to our knowledge the most precise and comprehensive system in existence today.


We currently consult a closed selection of clients from across the diamond industry, including buyers of run-of-mine rough diamonds from the source, rough diamond traders and polished diamond manufacturers. We equip them with real-time rough and polished diamond pricing data, analysis and market trends.


As demand for diamonds in Asia rises, while declining mine output diminishes the supply, Mercury Crystal Clear™ can also be a valuable tool for wealth preservation planning.

Mercury Diamond can assist diamond pricing in a variety of situations, including:  


  • Mining companies valuating their bulk sample and periodical production.
  • Rough diamond buyers and sellers trading assorted rough, single rough stones and/or run-of-mine.
  • Diamond manufacturers purchasing rough diamonds for polished manufacture.
  • Wholesalers trading polished diamonds.
  • Retailers, jewelers and other businesses pricing their inventories.
  • Banks or other credit providers assessing collateral.
  • Companies and financial institutions purchasing and selling diamonds for wealth preservation.
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